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WoW: Mists of Pandaria

Due to free premium membership day on DeviantArt (Jan 19), I made Mists of Pandaria for anything Pandaren fanart.

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Thinking of quitting Aion....AGAIN

For months, I was mad at my hubs for ditching me on Aion to play with his WoW friends. I was mad at him for the longest time because I wanted to play but didn't want to play alone. Over time, got bitter, pissed, and my want to play decreased. Trying to make it up to me, he reactivated his account on Aug 15th. He kept trying to get me to play and I said he killed it for me. I'm no longer excited. I activated my account with him, logged on once and that was it. I had fun but not enough where I'm eager to play.

It doesn't help that I'm intimidated now. I forgot how to play, where things are, etc. The last thing I want is for someone to need me (like my tank) in something and I have no idea what to do. Hubs says to relearn but that whole 'no desire to play' thing happens.

I'm more interested in logging on for events than actual playing. With that said, it would be better to charge me based on how much I play. Or some kinda prepaid card.




Fuck you husband and your friends that only played WoW. I grew tired of WoW, have no desire to go back and it can kiss my ass. Yes, I have a Horde tat but I don't regret it and never will. Elyos still suck (imo). Everyone wants to play the pretty. Ely look like angels, plain boring old angels to me. Anyway goodbye Aion. I'll miss you.

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Aion on Tumblr

Here's a link to an unofficial Aion blog on Tumblr. They welcome all types of submissions if you're interested.

Tumblr: http://fuckyeahaion.tumblr.com/
Submissions: http://fuckyeahaion.tumblr.com/submit

If you know of any other Aion related Tumblr blogs, let me know please. I'd love to follow some.

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From WoW to Aion

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicMany people keep asking me how does Aion compare to WoW and why did I leave Wow? Here's the answers to your questions.

Left WoW
I got hacked in 12/4/2009, then my account got banned and suspended. After long emails and screen shots, I got it back only to find out that all my items, guild bank items, members, and gold were gone. For the longest time Bliz did nothing. All they did was send automated messages. When I said I didn't want/need an account restore but what about my guild, I got the same automated reply. Frustrated, I canceled my account. Later, my guild items were restored after mailing a GM but by then, my interest for WoW was gone. It didn't help that I was bored with it. I hated that the "fun" started when you were level 70-80.

What got me into Aion
Recently I've become obsessed with Angels. I saw the previews for the movie Legion and thought angel wings were so damned sexy. Then here comes Castiel in supernatural.......also hot with his wings. I want more wings. This is where Aion comes in. I saw the pretty pictures and the pretty dragged me in.

What keeps me playing
Double exp weekends, account guild bank so I don't have to mail things to alts, auto organize bank, built in quest helper, the ability to get purchased items from the broker (AH) directly into my inventory after I buy them, the nice people, the pretty, the concept, the wings, how different everything looks, and so on. In addition, via their site http://www.aiononline.com you can check what you sold in AH on each character w/out logging on.

Characters so far
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I plan on coming back to WoW with the new expansion. I hate allies but might roll Wargen.


Yay, getthing hacked again

Email sent to Bliz: My account was hacked 12/4 and was recently restored. Today I get an email notice that my password has been reset. I didn't request this and I cannot log in. In addition, various guild items have been stolen, guild gold, members kicked out and my guild master Wifeofsylar is no longer guild master (the hackers created toon is) and I cannot boot them out of the guild.

I'm seriously considering quitting
Anyway it all depends on the user. Take me. I've had a WoW account for about 3 years and only one character that is level 64. That's the highest of all my characters. Why is this? Shouldn't I have all these 70s and 80s running around raiding and what not? The problem for me is questing. I HATE questing. Go get me this, get me that, kill a number of these and take this to so and so. It gets redundant and boring. People also say "The fun doesn't start until you hit level 70." That also put a damper on things. It feels like I'll never get there. If buying accounts were legal, I would so do that.

So right now the only thing I do on WoW is collect the cute mini pets. I'll log in around holiday time, try to get rare items and that's really it. I don't have and huge friends on it (it's why I created www.vawowplayers.ning.com) so it's not like I'm really missing something.

But if you're not like me and love all that stuff, then WoW is for you. I liked it because it was cartoony looking versus Everquest 2 which I used to play. City of Heroes and all that never interested me. I am interested in a game called Aion. It looks really nice. I'm just one of those weekend warriors. I don't even know if you can call me that really.

Why do I even bother with WoW cards?

Because I want the loot! So much money, no loot and I don't even play the game......unlike my hubs who plays magic the gathering and his cards are worth something.